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SEO, or search engine optimization, is a byproduct of the widespread popularity of the Web. It, like most online marketing services, started as an experiment by avant garde companies that used the Web to differentiate themselves as a competitor. Before the dotcom bubble burst, the preface "e" and the suffix ".com" were buzzwords in the marketing community, and it seemed that anybody was willing to call their business an online business.

Today, though, it's no longer enough to merely be online. It's now vital to the survival of your business to be discoverable online, and this is where a reliable SEO services company can help by increasing your visibility.

How do you know you need a SEO company? How do you know that your site isn't doing perfectly fine without the help of an outside party? Here are three ways to know:

You Don't Own Your Domain

Is your website in something of the format "" or similar? This means that you don't own your domain. Rather, you are renting a subdomain from another company. Usually, this means that your website and its hosting are completely free. And, unfortunately, you aren't too likely to rank well in Google if that's the case. If you have this problem, your website needs a lot of other SEO help on top of the task of migrating your site to its own domain.

Your Site Employs Keyword Stuffing, Masking or Other Search Trickery

When the Web was new, maybe you did hire a SEO consultant to get your site ranked. He probably employed tricks which are now absolutely guaranteeing that you do not rank on the first page of the site. What was once able to get by search engine algorithms has now been found and almost completely purged from the algorithm, and offenders are now punished in the search engine results pages (SERPs). If your site has any elements which are designed to trick search engines into sending irrelevant traffic, you need a new, reliable SEO services company to bring your business into modernity.



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