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10. Dogs pay attention.

If you are sitting and watching television, the moment you decide to leave the room to make a sandwich a dog will know. He must then decide to A, take the chair with all the warmth you just left for himself, OR B, follow you to the kitchen to see if you will drop a slice of ham on the floor by accident.

9. Dogs need to know if you are asleep.

Invariably if a dog jumps into bed he must check to see if you are sleeping by touching his wet nose against yours. Once the coldness has startled you awake you are now required to pet him until he is satisfied.

8. Dogs must smell everything.

The smell of everything has a powerful message for dogs. They are able to determine who has been where with whom with a sniff. The whom might be your dear friend who comes to visit and finds a nose in places that polite people don't go near.

7. Dogs think cats are toys.

All dogs think cats are for their entertainment. Until the cat has had enough and shows the dog what he has hidden under those paws. Dogs don't understand why toys scratch and hurt so this becomes a new game of lets play with the sharp pointy toy. This is only fun until the dog has had enough and runs whimpering to his hiding spot.

6. Dogs know how to find a good place to lie to keep you near.

Dogs will lie in the first place where you are going to place your feet when you attempt to stand up. Their next job is to see if they can get you to trip, then fall, then force you to go to the doctors so you will somehow have to stay home and pay more attention to them. How they have planned this process out is a mystery but they constantly try to trip me to get this to happen.

5. Dogs know when someone is at the door.

Dogs have incredible hearing to help them determine when you are not paying attention to a person at the front door. This is not because they are protecting the home. They are simply trying to get at a new person to smell and determine who is seeing whom.

4. Dogs are opportunists.

Dogs find the open doors, dropped food, hands hanging over the sides of chairs, and any other chance they can to get attention, food, or play time. Invariably this happens at the worst possible moment for you but the joy is all theirs. You now have to share your meal, pet them or play catch me if you can.

3. Dogs don't understand.

No matter how much you try to explain language or teach the dog what you are saying it will not understand. It is also difficult for the dog to understand why you never learn to speak Dog. Especially when they have tried every device they know to tell you to come open the door so they can roam or put a leash on them and take them out.

2. Dogs are hypnotists.

Dogs wag their tails to attempt to hypnotize you into paying attention to them for all the waking moments of the day. They try to jump in front of you, to look you in the eyes and keep you in a hypnotic state by wagging the tail for you to see. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't but they are always willing to give it another try.

1. Dogs are trying to train us.

It seems we never learn, but they keep trying.

By Eric Hartman

A quirky look at the way dogs act and how we learn from their behavior.



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