Expert Author Nataliya Nencheva Nenova

How to achieve our desirable body weight? Thousands people all over the world are asking themselves every single day. But the answer is not very simple.

Everybody knows that to be skinny is important to follow the next rules: enough physical activity like fitness and jogging, severe feeding regime with proven foods and no stress. Nowadays this is not so easy. Therefore the first little step which we can make is to take proper diet pills.

The choice of the proper diet supplements has to be very careful. There are thousands pills offering at the market. Their manufacturers and merchants claim that these pills show significant slimming effect and there is no healthy risk.

What we have to know before we make our choice:

1) By their origin the diet pills are divided to: chemically synthesized and natural diet supplements, derived from natural products. The chemically synthesized supplements carry a significant risk. When an unknown chemical substance is introducing to the human organism mainly two effects are occurring:

a) Entire upset of our digestive system. The organism does not have the proper enzyme complex to destroy this substance.
b) Entire mobilization of our immune system, which has to attack and capture the unknown substance.

Both effects are extremely unfavorable and they causing health problems.

Some natural diet pills also can include harmful ingredients: hormone-like substances and elevated content of caffeine.

The most effective and risk-free natural diet supplements are discovered after exploring different areas of the world. Investigating different groups of people in closed societies with primitive lifestyle, the scientists noticed that the whole tribe looked skinny but healthy. In this way are invented the slimming effects of plants prickly pear, acai berry, cayenne pepper, garcinia and others.

2) The next question when we are choosing proper pills is how reliable the manufacturer is. The qualitative pills are medically baked - produced under the requirements of the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

3) The good natural diet supplements have to be clinically proven. It means that the contents of all ingredients are known - no hidden compounds and no side effects.

4) How fast we wish to get skinny? Our desire is right now. Unfortunately it is not the right answer. The process of slimming has to be not very fast - not more than 2-3 lbs weekly. When the slimming is faster, yo-yo effect is very possible. The slower slimming process is the reliable slimming process. Also when the slimming is fast the skin is hanging down which may be irrevocable especially for people over 45 years old.



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