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The Final Ooma Telo Review You Must Read Before You Buy Ooma Telo

There are definitely great financial savings in telephone charges when you switch from the plain old telephone system (POTS) to a Voice over IP system (VoIP). Ooma Inc is one of the leading providers of excellent VoIP telephony solutions with two great products - the Ooma Hub and Ooma Telo. When people want to buy Ooma products, they generally look at both Ooma Hub and Ooma Telo. However many people are not sure which of these two products to buy. As such, this Ooma Telo review will be more meaningful when references are also made to the Hub in areas where there are differences so that you can make an informed decision. However for the sake of readers who are not familiar with Ooma Inc and who stumbled upon this Ooma Telo review, I would like to give you a very brief summary of what the Ooma Inc and Ooma Telo is all about before going into the details in this Ooma Telo review. A Short Overview Of Ooma Inc Ooma Inc is a company that focuses on VoIP service. They have been around since…

How To Settle Family Disputes - Before Or After You Are Gone - 5 Strategies

Expert Author Keith Maderer
One of the unfortunate realities of life... and death... is that family members don't always agree. Especially on what is the best or a fair course of action after their parents are gone. So with this in mind, here are some strategies to use now that could help solve these issues before they arise or diffuse them before they cause irreparable damage.
Five Strategies To Solve Family Disputes:
1. Communicate Early and Often: Without a doubt, the single most important thing you can do to avoid family disputes is to get the lines of communication open and keep them open. It is also one of the hardest things to accomplish and often is overlooked because of that. While everyone is healthy, arrange to get your family together at least once each year to discuss and review your estate plans and wishes. Let them know what you are thinking and how you expect them to cooperate with each other.
2. Legal Documents: Of course it is also very important to have all your financial and legal documents properly executed and up to date. Health care directives, powers of attorney, wills, trusts, insurance policies and net worth statements should all be organized and readily available to handle situations as they arise.
3. Put It In Writing: Personal letters of instruction should also be drafted to share your thoughts with your family and outline any specific property distributions, funeral or burial preferences and any other items that you feel are important. Having these items in writing can be a nice reminder after you are gone as grief is a powerful emotion and can cause loved ones to forget details.
4. Disinheriting: If you are one of the minority of families that has a desire or need to disinherit a family member, make sure that you take the appropriate legal steps to properly disclose and explain your actions in the event this omission will create a family dispute. Your efforts here can be a crucial step in your estate planning.
5. Dispute Resolution Person: Finally it is a great idea to appoint an unbiased, non-related individual to be available if needed to act as a dispute resolution person or mediator. Let your family know who this individual will be in advance and explain that you expect them to cooperate and adhere to any decisions that are made by this person. Ideally this person should not be related to the family, at least 20 years younger than you and respected by your loved ones. If such a person exists, great. If not, do your best to find one.
Summary: Grief causes emotions to run high and this can make people respond irrationally. If you prepare your loved ones early and keep the lines of communication open, you will have great opportunity to avoid family disputes entirely. By implementing all five strategies, you will be able to avoid or resolve any potential problems that may arise.
To discover additional financial, estate and income tax strategies, check out my blog or download your FREE Wealth Expansion Kit by clicking here. The first step to creating wealth is knowing where you are and then charting a path that will enhance your financial strengths and correct your weaknesses.
Keith Maderer is a financial expert and has been a investment and tax adviser in the Western New York area for over 30 years. He is the owner of SENIOR Financial and Tax Associates and the founder of the Maderer Foundation, a private scholarship program.


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